Pikes Peak 2017 is Coming.

The Pikes Peak International Hillclimb is one of the most iconic races in North America. It features some of the most insane looking and performing, race cars you’ve ever seen. And they all battle it out to be considered the king of the mountain by the end of race day. This isn’t your everyday race either. First off, it’s actually more of a time trials event because you’re racing the clock versus another racer. But what really sets this race apart from all others is the course itself.

Stretching a total of 12.3 miles long, the Pikes Peak course is also one of the most demanding as well thanks to a total of 156 turns scattered along the way. Some of which are on the edge of a cliff to one side, and a rock wall on the other. My point being, there is little to no margin of error here. Oh, and did I mention that the finish line is located at the top of the Peak, which happens to be just over 14,000 feet in elevation?