The Porsche 911 Is Still The Rally Hero That We Once Loved

It’s easy to forget that the 911 once had an incredible racing lineage. Sure, it is wildly considered one of the greatest drivers cars in the world, but that doesn’t always translate to racing performance. In the case of the 911 it’s one of the last cars you would think of being a Rally racing legend, and yet that’s just one of the areas the 911 dominated.

Now when we do look at Porsche’s racing credentials we are left with an RSR, the mid engined 911, that would likely crash at the thought of a dirt road. And yet the 911 brand made its name rally racing in the mid 60’s. The first race a factory 911 was ever entered into happened to be the Monte Carlo Rally of 1965. From there the momentum grew. The 911 won the European Rally Championship in 1967, just 3 years into the car’s production.

Porsche, along with some die hard privateers, kept up the 911’s rally presence until the late 80’s where it lost out to the now prominent Le Mans series. With the car becoming more civilized and street oriented with each generation starting with the famed 993. And while the car may seem like it’s ‘softer’ than it’s gravel eating predecessor, it is by no means less capable. The 911 made its World Rally Racing re-appearance in 2014 thanks to Richard Tuthill, utilizing the GT3 RS package.

The public reception was spectacular, resulting in a new class that has allowed Porsches rallying history to continue. One thing is certain, the 911 has not lost its ability to tackle the hardcore terrain only a Rally stage can deliver. Watch the video below for proof of just that.