Quickly See What Makes Trophy Trucks The Baddest Desert Vehicles on the Planet

Watching an 800-900hp Trophy Truck smashing through the desert at speeds in excess of 100mph is equal parts badass and beauty. They way they seem to float over whoops, rocks and ruts is something that really needs to be seen both in slow motion and full speed to understand how amazing it really is. Thanks to as much as 3 feet of travel coming from the front and rear suspension, not only can they blast through the desert at breakneck speeds but they appear to do it with ease.

You would think that even with all that high tech suspension equipment, the ride would be pretty rough when tackling such harsh terrain. However, I spoke with a few lucky individuals that’s lucky enough to drive one of these amazing machines for a living and they say that it’s quite the contrary. Apparently, it’s more like driving a Cadillac, one guy even joked saying that he could almost sit and drink his morning coffee while behind the wheel. Now obviously that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but still. Here’s a brief clip of the Swift Motorsports team out testing their new truck, and let me say if you’re not a fan of desert racing, you’re about to be.