Rally Car Clips a Drone While Flying Through the Air

The World Rally Championship, also known as the WRC, is world’s biggest stage for a rally racer. They have events that are scattered on virtually every continent, and no matter where the race is there will be someone there wanting to film it. This particular cinematographer got more than he bargained for when he was flying his drone and got a little too close to the action.

The drone pilot was flying and filming around the famous “Micky’s Jump at the WRC in Sardinia. It’s an iconic spectator spot because of the massive air that drivers get when launching off this blind jump. Apparently, the drone pilot either didn’t see Finnish rally driver Esapekka Lappi careening towards the jump, or didn’t expect the tiny Toyota to “fly” as far as it did. Becuase just as Lappi “took off,” the drone was right there in front of him. This wasn’t one of those cheap drones you can pick up at our local hobby shop either, it was one of the big professional models that cost at least a couple thousand dollars or more. Luckily though, the pilot must have cat-like reflexes because somehow he managed to pull a quick evasive maneuver that resulted in the car just clipping the bottom of the drone. There was still damage done, but not nearly what it would’ve been had it been just a couple inches lower, or had the pilot not reacted as quickly as he did. Check out the video of the whole thing, it’s short but quite entertaining. Now if we can just track down the drone footage and see it from that perspective.