This is the Remarkable Ferrari 330 P4

Ferrari has an extensive racing heritage that only a small handful of cars manufacturers can compete with. And many people consider the 1967 330 P4 to be one of the most beautiful Ferrari’s ever made. Only 4 examples of this remarkable car were built and the one you see here is the very last all original model in existence. It was built to combat the success of the Ford GT40 in the endurance racing world. And it did so in a spectacular fashion by finishing in the top three spots at the 1967 24 hr of Daytona.

The 330 P4 is a drivers car that was built long before the addition of sophisticated electronic systems stepping into tell the car what it can and can’t do. The formula for creating this iconic machine is quite simple, a very lightweight, streamlined body that sits low to the ground with a high-powered mid-mounted V12 that sends power to the rear wheels. Needless to say, the 330 P4 is a priceless piece of automotive history that hopefully will live on forever so future generations can admire its beauty just as we do now.