Ryan Tuerck Shows That Drift Pros Are Actually Human, Occasionally

We see a lot of incredible videos now featuring drift pros doing absurd things behind the wheel. Thanks to the magic of editing, guys like Ken Block and Ryan Tuerck are constantly giving us videos that leave us in awe. But sometimes, just sometimes, those stunts don’t go as planned.

Ryan Tuerck finally gave us a glimpse of what it looks like when things aren’t 100% Perfect. The video is set in Portland on some seriously scenic back roads. It also happens to feature Ryan’s absolutely nutty GT-4586, a Ferrari Powered GT86. Yes, a Ferrari powered Toyota. The combination of car and road is a match made in heaven, until the road bites back.


On their very first run of the day Ryan managed to mangle the GT-4586 when he collided with the side of a mountain. Because it’s a drift video you would assume it was the back end of the vehicle smashing into things. But no, he managed to crumple key steering components with one swift action. From our point of view it appears that while Tuerck had the GT pitched sideways the inside front tire found the end of the asphalt, pulling the entire car into the banking in one extremely quick motion. And this was a pro driver, mind you.

The team went on to repair the GT, with parts on hand at the time of the accident. A sure sign that these things happen more than we know. They then went on to absolutely murder some tires, all in the name of fun. With a Ferrari 458 camera car in tow, the rest of the video is classic Tuerck, a drifters delight.