Take a Look Back at the Time a Modified NASCAR Averaged 217mph Over 90 Mile Race Course

There are a few racing events held across the country called open road challenges as well a few other names. One of the most popular is the Silver State Classic Challenge and this is a race event unlike any other. It’s a “point A to B” type race that stretches over 90 miles of public roads in the middle of the Nevada desert. It’s a sanctioned event so law enforcement will close down the roads and allow races to come and see how fast they can cover the 90 mile stretch of road when they don’t have to worry about speed limits.

There are multiple classes that are based on overall top speed limits. None of which more exciting than the Unlimited class which allows drivers to run as fast as they dare. The current record was set back in 2012 by a man named Jim Peruto and what he was able to accomplish is pretty incredible. He used a Dodge Charger NASCAR that had been modified to handle the public roads and he managed to run the entire 90-mile course at an average speed of 217.55mph. Again that is an average speed of 217mph for 90 straight miles! The video footage is not that great, but it still gives you an idea of how amazing of an experience this must’ve been.