This is What Happens When a 360-Foot Truck Jump Goes Horribly Wrong

What you’re about to watch is intense, to say the least. Imagine hitting a massive ramp that stands at least 20 feet tall at 100mph and flying in excess of 360 feet. That’s sixty feet longer than a football field and 28ft further than the current World Record held by Tanner Foust. French rally racer, Guerlain Chicherit, was behind the wheel of a heavily modified Mini Countryman when he attempted the mind-boggling jump. In order for him to complete the jump and land safely on the huge landing ramp, he would need to hit the launch ramp at 100mph, or 160kph. What goes through a person’s mind when they reach the point of no return as they’re barreling towards a ramp that tall, going that fast, I’ll never understand. But Guerlain was bound and determined to set a new world record, so he went ahead and sent it.

He was going plenty fast when he hit the jump, maybe even too fast, because he ended up overshooting the landing. Because he overshot it, the Mini’s front end started to come down and that’s bad news in any circumstance, let alone a jump of this distance. He lands in a ferocious nose dive that results in a violent end over end crash, unlike anything you’ve seen before. Miraculously, Guerlain survived and even walked away with only minor injuries. But he had one hell of a ride that you have to see with your own eyes to believe.