That Time Adrian “Wildman” Cenni Did a Barrel Roll in His Baja Truck

We’ve seen some pretty impressive stunts performed by Trophy Trucks like when Tanner Foust launched his over 300 feet. And just when you think that you’ve seen it all with these trucks, something else pops up and impresses you even more. Take this sketchy barrel roll jump performed by Adrian “Wildman” Cenni at the 2013 Baja 1000.

Doing a barrel roll in a full-size offroad truck is badass no matter how it’s accomplished. And most people would assume there were all sorts of crazy launch and landing ramps involved to provide as much safety as possible. But that’s what makes the Wildman’s jump so spectacular because while he did use a custom build launch ramp, he landed on flat, unforgiving ground. That means that even the slightest miscalculation would result in a violent landing that would be tough for even a Baja truck to land. Even landing on flat ground when your jumping high enough to roll 360 degrees is something that only a custom build vehicle or a Baja truck could handle. Take a trip down memory lane and prepare to be blown away yet again by the amazing capabilities of an off-road Baja-style truck, and an extremely determined driver behind the wheel.