Track Racing a Semi-Truck Looks Like the Best Kind of Controlled Chaos

The last thing you would expect to see a massive semi-truck do is get out on a track and lay down some hot laps. But that’s exactly what the FIA European Truck Racing Championship is, and boy is it entertaining to watch. Outside the United States, these trucks are commonly referred to as a “Lorry,” but they are essentially the same as semi-trucks we see everyday driving on the interstate. They are massive, powerful, machines, but they aren’t designed for speed or performance of any kind. And maybe that’s what makes it so entertaining to see a large group of them out battling for the to spot.

The trucks used in the ETRC are of course race trucks, and that means they have their fair share of modifications and upgrades. For example, they are lighter and geared for speed more so than the road going counterparts. However they are still massive trucks and that means when the “rubbing is racing” aspect of things come into play, it usually results in someone spinning out at the very least. Watch this in-cab footage of what happens when two of these trucks come together.