Two Ferrari F50’s Go Head To Head in a Tug of War Battle You Must See

As far as legends in the automotive world, the Ferrari F50 is definitely a prime example of one. It has everything you could ever want in a supercar. It has the sleek and sexy look that only an exotic car can pull off and a monstrously powerful V12 engine that’s mid-mounted right behind the driver compartment. Being that it was the top of the line Ferrari available in 1995 when it was first introduced, it’s not your ordinary V12. It started life as a 3.5L and was used in the 1990 Ferrar F1 car. However for the application into a road car displacement was increased to 4.7L and was claimed to produce around 520hp.

With only 349 examples made from 1995-1997, it quickly became a collectors car and to try and get your hands on one today would be quite rare and therefore cost you a small fortune. So the chances of even seven seeing one of these incredible cars is very unlikely. However, somehow the guys at Tax the Rich managed to line up two pristine examples and put them to the test in an all out tug of war. This you have to see.