Watch this 1400hp Nissan GTR Pull Off a World Record Drift at 188mph

There’s a long list of incredibly random World Records in the automotive industry. Most of which even the most hardcore enthusiast wouldn’t pay attention to. However, when you start talking about the record for the Worlds Fastest Drift, suddenly the records are significantly more interesting. Especially when you learn the speeds at which these record drifts are happening.

Polish drift racer, Jakub Przygonski set the world record of 135.44mph back in 2013 and at the time it seemed like that record would stand for quite some time. I mean imagine cruising along at 135mph, then suddenly cranking the wheel to initiate a drift! Pretty sketchy right? Well, Jakub and his team were sadly disappointed when this particular Nissan GTR set out to break that record. The GTR is referring to is driven by Masato Kawabata, who is a Japanese Drift Champion, and the GTR he’s driving has been tuned to produce just under 1,400hp!

Kawabata and his team took this wicked GTR out to the Fujairah International Airport in the United Arab Emirates with intentions of crushing the record. And boy did they do just that. After getting a few practice runs in, Kawabata went for the record. He got the car up to 300kp/h, or 189mph and pulled the smoothest, smokiest drift you could ask for at nearly 200mph! Watch the whole thing go down in this highlight video.