Watch Carl Edwards Drive a Toyota Land Cruiser at 230mph for an Unofficial World Record

With the amazing supercars and hypercars that are out nowadays, 230mph really isn’t that fast. The Bugatti Chiron, for example, is projected to have a top speed in the 270+mph range. However, if you’re talking about a full-size SUV like the Toyota Land Cruiser, 230mph is really damn fast. And in order to get a big old beast like that going that fast, you need two things, a whole lot of power and one very talented driver.

That’s exactly what the Toyota Motorsports Technical Center did when they put a massive twin turbo system on the 5.7L Toyota V8 that now pushes out over 2,000hp and then placed it in the hands of NASCAR legend Carl Edwards. When you combine those two things, magic happens and suddenly your setting unofficial land speed records at 230mph. Watch as Carl does what he does best and pushes the Landy well beyond its limits.