Watch this Guardrail Save this Rally Driver From What Would’ve Been a Nasty Crash

We’ve talked about Rally Racing a few times here on I Like Autos and there’s no question that it’s an action-packed motorsport. And this clip is no different. It takes place at the Rally Islas Canarias, which is on the small island of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. Like most other rally stages, the Rally Islas Canarias is filled with narrow roads, sheer cliff drop-offs, and high-speed racing. And sometimes the combination of those three things can lead to some dangerous accidents. And that nearly happened to Tomasz Kasperczyk and his Ford Fiesta RS if it weren’t for one thin piece of metal we know as a guardrail.

A guardrail, something that we drive by each and every day and pay no mind to. But they sure come in handy when things get a little bit wild. Tomasz was coming into a corner too hot when the car started to slide and had there not been a guardrail there he would have careened off the road and down into the ravine below. Lucky for him, the guardrail was there, and it very well may have saved his life. Watch the sketchy wreck take place, and in doing so you’ll gain a new level of appreciation for the guardrails you drive by each and every day.