Watch Ken Block Shred the Dunes in a 2017 Ford Raptor

Ken Block is pretty much the definition of a legend in the world of both motorsports and action sports in general. He’s what we all want to be with al of his badass cars and toys as well as a race car driver and all around professional fun haver. And when you a following that reaches millions upon millions of people, your endorsement of a product can speak volumns. Which is exactly why Ford had Ken link up with Motor Trend and take the brand new 2017 Ford Raptor out to the middle of nowhere and put it through its paces.

The Ford Raptor is a pretty incredible truck, even though it does have a ridiculous twin-turbo Ecoboost V6 under the hood. There’s not another truck on the market that you can drive it right off the showroom floor and take it out to the desert and send it on a massive jump. I guess technically you could do it with other trucks, they just would never jump again, or move actually because they would likely be busted in half. Where the Raptor will jump, land, repeat the process numerous times. Then smash through the desert at over 100mph over rocks, whoops, and anything else it comes upon. And then get back on the highway and drive back to civilization, riding like a Cadillac all along the way.

So when you combine a truck with those capapblites, and the driving ability that Mr. Block possesses, you’re bound to have a good time.