Watch Pro Drift Racer Chris Forsberg Initiate a Drift at 150mph

Drifting is one of the more popular forms of motorsports that spread worldwide. There’s just something about screaming engines, clouds of tire smoke, and the screech of sliding through corners that’s fascinating most people that see it. Drifting is not what you would call a “fast motorsport,” but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining. In a normal competition, you’re lucky to see someone reach speeds over 100mph when they enter a corner to drift through it.

There are many top notch competitors that have unbelievable skills when it comes to car control, but one of the recurring champions is Chris Forsberg and he shows off those skills in this short video when he initiates a drift at 150mph! And that is ridiculously fast to be coming into a turn and just throw the car sideways! Luckily Forsberg was at the massive Road Atlanta track so he had the space needed to pull something like this off.