Watch a Pro Race Car Driver Fall in Love With the Ford Raptor

I’ll never forget the first time I rode in, and drove a Ford Raptor. I was not particularly a huge fan of Ford trucks so my expectations were quite low. However, I am an avid offroad enthusiast and have been my entire life. And the Raptor is the one and only performance oriented offroad truck on the market so the odds were good that I was going to like it. If I’m honest I have trouble finding the words to properly describe how amazing this truck is. After smashing down a bumpy, rocky, rutty dirt road at 90-100mph I was hooked and instantly become a lifer.

What’s interesting is that everyone else seems to experience the same thing. Even someone like professional road race car driver Randy Probst who has made a career perfecting his on-road racing prowess. He’s also driven just about every vehicle under the sun as the official test driver for Motor Trend. He was thrown the keys to a first gen Raptor and told to run it through its paces, and you can literally see the enjoyment on his face, not something you normally can see.