Watch A Subaru WRX STI Tackle A 113 Year Old Bobsled Run

The Subaru WRX STI is one very capable little car with extensive racing heritage, especially in the world of Rally Racing. It has a potent 300hp turbocharged 4 cylinder engine that when combined with a sophisticated all-wheel-drive system it allows the STI to tackle harsh terrain with ease. But I highly doubt that Subaru engineers had an 113-year-old bobsled run in mind when they were creating this beast. But that doesn’t stop the legendary Subaru race car driver, Mark Higgins, from taking an STI down a bobsled run in the Swiss Alps.

The car had to be slightly modified in order to make it down the course, but surprisingly it made it to the bottom. To prevent the car from “pinballing” back and forth between the walls, rubber bumpers were installed on each corner. And granted they didn’t work nearly as well as Mark hoped because the car had a fair amount of damage at the bottom of then run. But they definitely helped and who knows if it would have made it to the bottom without. Nonetheless, it’s in incredibly entertaining to watch.