Watch This Supercharged Sand Car Wheelie on Water

Yeah, you read that correctly, a sand car weighing in at an estimated 2500-3000lbs pulls a massive wheelie across a small body of water in the middle of the Silver Lake sand dunes. I know we’ve been taught our whole lives that you can’t do this sort of thing, but here it is living proof. Ok, so it’s actually a fairly basic concept that most of us that have driven in the rain have experienced. That is of course, Hydroplaning.

If your not familiar with a hydroplane than you must not have experienced it before. Because it’s a sensation that you don’t forget when you’re behind the wheel of a car on the highway. However, this sand car does more of a controlled hydroplane thanks to three key things. It’s relatively lightweight, it has massive paddle tires in the rear, and maybe most importantly it has a ton of power coming from the supercharged V8 located in the back. Those three things combined with a talented driver come together to pull off this epic display of badassery.