Watch This Mega Truck SAIL Over 5 Mud Trucks

We’ve talked about Mega Trucks before, but as a reminder, they’re basically a mud truck that has heavy duty long travel suspension similar to what you’d find on a Monster Truck. What also set them apart from your standard mud truck is the ridiculously powerful engines they have. I’m talking in excess of 1500hp, also like what you see on a Monster Truck. This allows them to launch off massive jumps even though the trucks themselves are massive and weigh a few tons at least.

This particular Mega Truck called “SAIL” is owned by Scott Green. And he is quite well known for making his truck live up to its name. And in this particular circumstance, he may have even surprised himself by how far he “SAILED” his truck. While attending an event at the Brick’s Off Road Park in Missouri, Green launched his truck over the top of 5 massive mud trucks! Does he make it? I guess you’ll have to see.