Watch These Two Offroad Beasts Run Wild On an Abandoned Country Club

A while back we reported on the “Urban Assault” video where Blake Wilkey and a few friends decided to perform a Gymkhana-style video in Wilkey’s wicked class one buggy he referred to as the “Land Shark.” It was a spectacular video and looked like it was a complete blast to film. However, there was one major problem, Wilkey and his crew didn’t get the proper permits needed for the city of San Diego. Long story short, they got into a bit of trouble.

But now, Wilkey and his crew have put out another video, only this time they went about it the right way. Unfortunately, Wilkey sold the original “Land Shark,” but he’s since got himself a new rig and if possible it’s bigger, better, and badder than the previous one. They call the short film “County Club Assault” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Wilkey invited his buddy, Myan Spaccarelli and his Toyota Pro 2 race truck, to come out and run wild throughout this abandoned Country Club. And let me just say that as good as the first video was, this one puts it to shame.