Watch Two Trophy Trucks in an Epic Head to Head Battle

Trophy Trucks are the most badass offroad vehicles in the world. The things they’re able to do is unbelievable, at least until you see it with your own eyes. They run in an “unlimited” class which means there could be a build variation from one truck to the next. Most of the top teams will use engines that are nearly bulletproof and extremely reliable even though they produce at least 800-900hp. They key word there is reliable. There’s obviously more powerful engines out there, but none that can handle the grueling conditions found in desert racing.

Even the short races that these trucks compete in are at least 250 miles long or more. And then there’s the upcoming Baja 1000 that’s scheduled to be around 1,200 total miles. These 900hp beasts have to survive the entire race at breakneck speeds over massive whoops and jumps that would literally destroy a normal truck. So seeing two of the top drivers, in the top trucks in a head to head battle out in the middle of the desert is highly entertaining. That’s exactly what happened between Jason Voss and Brett Sourapas at the Parker 425. At times you will see them hit speeds in excess of 100mph when jockeying for position. If you’re not familiar with this style of racing, prepare to become a fan.