Watching a LaFerrari Doing Donuts in an Aircraft Hanger is a Shock to the Senses

It’s difficult to come up with the words to properly describe the amazing sounds that come from a hypercar like the Ferrari LaFerrari. With its naturally aspirated V12 churning out 789hp, plus an additional 161hp from a hybrid system, the LaFerrari has no shortage of power. And they way all that technology comes together is nothing short of extraordinary. Obviously, the sound comes from the high-strung V12 and that sound is what moto enthusiasts have been obsessed with since the early days of Ferrari. It’s a very distinct sound that can be recognized almost immediately by the well-trained ear.

So you can imagine how magnificent it would sound when you run it through a tunnel, or in this circumstance a aircraft hanger. The acoustics intensify and it produces a high pitch scream that will make you weak in the knees. YouTuber, Shmee150 was lucky enough to film this particular Laferrari in an old hanger and the results are fantastic. Not only does the LaFerrari have the power to break the back tires loose with ease, but it does so with a level of sophistication that can only be provided in a multi-million dollar hypercar. So turn up your speakers, and prepare to fall in love with the Ferrari V12 all over again.