Watching this Ferrari 458 GT2 Crash Into a Bunch Hay Bales is Painful to Watch

The Internet has been flooded with videos of countless vehicles attaching the hill climb course at the Goodwood Festival of Speed that took place recently. And more times than not the runs are quick and fairly uneventful. However even though the course is short enough to finish the entire thing in under a minute, there is a significant amount of precision driving involved in laying down a fast time. And that is exactly why you see some of the best race cars and street cars attacking the hill in order to claim that fastest time.

Although sometimes things don’t go according to plan and a prime example of that is this terrible mishap that Heinz Swoboda experienced during his run. He was piloting the absolutely stunning Ferrari 458 GT2, wich is the 458 Italia in full race trim and therefore a very serious and very capable machine. Swoboda came into a left-hand turn too fast and unfortunately slid off the tarmac and into giant bales of hay. Luckily for him, the hay provided enough of a cushion where he was able to walk away virtually unharmed. However, the hay bales weren’t so nice to the glorious Ferrari. Watch as the whole thing unfolds, but don’t blink because it happens fast.