The Weirdest Motorsport You’ll See Today

We’ve all heard about “Mud Racing” or “Mud Bogging,” but unless you live down in Florida you’ve probably never heard of Swamp Buggy Racing. It’s a one of kind motorsport that takes a wide range of vehicles and races them in a waterlogged swamp, much deeper than most mud holes. It’s mainly waiter, but there is a muddy bottom that the vehicles must somehow get traction to skim through the water.

The “big boys” compete in the super modified class and these things are unlike any other motorized vehicle that most people would associate with motorsports. They have super skinny and tall tires that look more like pizza cutters than they do wheels up front, and just slightly wider wheels in the back that are fitted with giant lily pad-like paddles to help propel them through the water. And surprisingly, they are actually pretty fast even though they are going through deep water and mud. It sounds ridiculous, and it is, but yet it’s also super entertaining to watch.